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Beautiful Girls Agency Russian Brides

Beautiful Girls Russian Brides

It's hard to know what's going on inside his head without knowing him. In fact, the only one that really knows what's going on (or can find out) is you!

Perhaps he feels he's too young to be in a steady relationship or maybe he's just not getting what he wants from it.

Here's an idea: ask him! But, be smart about it. You see, men have a very difficult time putting their feelings and emotions into words. This doesn't mean that they don't feel things - in fact, they do. However, these are complicated emotions that are difficult to express verbally.

So, try this: ask him why he made his decision by asking him "yes/no" question instead.

For example, if you asked him, "Why don't you want to be together like we were before?" He has to come up with all sorts of complicated thoughts to express how he feels, and will still not be able to really get his feelings out. Then, he's going to feel like he has to defend his decision with more complicated discussion.

Instead, if you ask him, "Do you want to break up because you're not really getting what you want from our relationship?" He's going to say either "yes" or "no". Now, you can continue this by asking another "yes/no" question like, "Do you feel like you need more time to yourself?" etc. You can continue this, making it easy for him to express himself all the way to the point where you get a real answer.

One last thing, don't do this with the intention of trying to find out where he's wrong and change his mind. He'll pick it right up and stop answering ANY question! Instead, do it to gain real understanding about him and your relationship.

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I met a wonderful girl in beginning of 2002 in San Francisco on a trip from my home in Los Angeles. It felt really natural being around her. She is highly educated and graduated from the one of the best law schools in the country. She is very personable, a flirt, has high standards, good moral value, educated, mature, decisive, over-analyzing, and very courageously bold. Not to brag but the same goes for me. We both respect our Middle Eastern culture but grew up in a somewhat secular lifestyle.

We hit it off great but I had to leave after a few days. She wrote and we started the socialization process. We spent hours on the phone every night and spoke about everything and shared the same passions for nearly everything in life.

Man, I thought to myself I am not going mess this prospect up. I never had met a girl like her before. I fell in love with her almost instantly.

Three months into our process of getting to know each other and opening the way for a prospective relationship, things went sour. It happened when I asked if she wanted to me to visit her. All of a sudden she disappeared for two weeks, no phone calls and no emails.

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