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Best Online Russian Dating Services

Online Russian Dating

Some of online dating sites are free for registration, but there are some that provide paid services. The best sites can be paid services since or arrangement like meeting in person or traveling to another country. Some services also offer translators who help in clearing communication. You can check out most of online dating sites that are there on the Internet. Select that dating site which has good feedback and testimonials.
Another way to meet Russian women is by posting your ad in Russian newspapers. This also works since there are some Russian women who may not have access to the Internet and they read daily newspapers. Placing your picture and your other details into a newspaper will help Russian women to know you online dating services. There will be good chances of getting some sort of reply from these ads.

I was deeply in love with a woman who said she was deeply in loved with me. I wanted to marry her and have kids with her after only being together for 3 months. She said that she was also read to settle down. After a couple of months and some power play games (man vs. woman - i.e. control issues). I began to take things more seriously and start making arrangements to marry her. She in the mean time started to lose interest in me. Twice, she wanted to brake up with me, but reluctantly agreed not to after some persuasion.

When she tried to break up with me the third time, I decided to let her go. She said that she really wants to move on with her life and date other guys, but that we can be friends and I still loves me. I told her I would not feel comfortable taking one step backwards in our relationship. She said, "So you can't be a friend but could be a lover?" This didn't make much sense to me because I was under the impression that we were both. She said that I wasn't being fair by not agreeing to remain her friend.

Is there any thing wrong with me in not wanting to end up with only being friends with her? I just want to bring total closure to this with out feeling like I am the bad guy. I loved her very much and it pains me that she has backed a way and now wants to only russian girls photos. I think it would be wise to bring closure, move on and just keep the good memories.